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Twin Houses for rent in El Patio El Patio

Reference: NS 59461
USD 4,500 / Month
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USD 4,500 / Month

Twin Houses for rent in El Patio El Patio

NS 59461
Twin House
Monthly Price:
USD 4,500
Plot Area:
520 sqm
Building Area:
560 sqm
No of Floors:
Pool And Landscape
Wed 29 Mar 2023
About El Patio New Cairo

Twin Houses 5 Bedrooms for Rent in El Patio - New Cairo By Lavista Developments

El Patio New Cairo: A Luxurious and Elegant Compound

Egypt is a country that is well known for its intriguing history and ancient civilization. Today, the country has much more to offer, as it strives to modernize and develop its cities. One such city is New Cairo, which is considered one of the most appealing destinations in the country. New Cairo boasts various luxurious compounds that offer a comfortable lifestyle and convenience to its residents. One of the most notable compounds in New Cairo is El Patio.

Located in the heart of New Cairo, El Patio is a unique compound that spans over 120,000 square meters. Designed to cater to the needs of affluent individuals and families, El Patio offers high-end facilities and features that are unmatched in the region. As soon as you enter the compound, the first thing you notice is the stunning landscape that surrounds it. The greenery and trees help create a serene ambiance, making you feel relaxed and at ease.

One of the main features of El Patio is the wide range of properties that are available. From villas to twin houses and apartments, El Patio caters to different preferences and tastes. The properties are designed with a contemporary and elegant style, with every detail carefully considered to create the perfect living space. The spaces are well illuminated and designed to offer a sense of spaciousness, ensuring maximum comfort for the residents.

El Patio also caters to the recreational needs of its residents, with a range of facilities and amenities available within the compound. There is a clubhouse that residents can use for events and gatherings, a swimming pool, and a gym. The compound also has a playground area and a park, making it ideal for families with children. Security is of utmost importance in El Patio, and it boasts a 24/7 surveillance system, along with on-site security personnel to ensure the safety of residents.

Overall, El Patio New Cairo is a luxurious and elegant compound that offers a comfortable lifestyle and convenience to its residents. With its stunning landscape, high-end features, and well-designed properties, it is a true reflection of modern living. As New Cairo continues to grow and develop, El Patio is a compound that will continue to stand out and offer a unique living experience to its residents.


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Twin House for rent in El Patio
USD 4,500
New Cairo
5 Bedrooms